Lab Members

Maggie Toplak, Ph.D., C. Psych.

Maggie ToplakMy training training and research interests span cognitive science and clinical research. I am interested in studying cognitive science models of rational thinking and decision-making in typically developing samples and in developmental psychopathology. I graduated with a PhD from the School and Clinical Child Program, University of Toronto and I am registered as a clinical psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

Current Graduate Students

Rachael Lyon

Rachael is joining our lab this fall!





Elizabeth Wanstall

Elizabeth is joining our lab this fall!


Joshua Doidge

Josh Doidge photo

Josh is finishing the Master’s program in the Clinical-Developmental area of Psychology. He is examining differences between males and females (with and without ADHD) on delay discounting tasks. His general research interests relate to dysfunctional personal beliefs, thinking styles, and risky decision-making.


Jala Rizeq

Jala Rizeq

Jala is finishing the first year of the PhD program in the Clinical-Developmental area of Psychology. She examined changing patterns of relations among cognitive abilities (intellectual abilities and executive functions) at two different periods of development, which has been recently been published in Clinical Neuropsychologist (Rizeq, Flora, & Toplak, 2017). Broadly, her research projects seek to better understand the multiple factors influencing child development, and to eventually ensure healthy and enriching environments for children and youth, ones that match their needs and invest in their potential.

Stella Dentakos


Stella has done her minor area paper in our research lab on the topic of the experience of mental effort. She is examining performance calibration for her dissertation research.

Wafa Saoud

Wafa SaoudWafa examined temporal discounting and individual differences for her Master’s thesis. She is examining performance calibration for her dissertation research. Her general research interests pertain to the interaction between cognitive processes and clinical disorders.

Alexandra Basile

Alex Basile

Alexandra examined the construct of temporal discounting in relation to cognitive abilities and executive functions in an undergraduate sample of students  for her Masters thesis (Basile & Toplak, 2015). For her dissertation, she examined performance calibration in a clinical sample of children with ADHD as well as in a community control sample. Alexandra’s research interests include school psychology, ADHD, risky behaviour, temporal discounting, metacognition, and psychopathology.