Lab Members

Maggie Toplak, Ph.D., C. Psych.

Maggie ToplakMy training and research interests span cognitive science and clinical research. I am interested in studying individual differences in judgment and decision-making and cognitive abilities in typically developing samples and in developmental psychopathology. I graduated with a PhD from the School and Clinical Child Program, University of Toronto and I am registered as a clinical psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario.



Current Graduate Students

Rachael Lyon

Rachael is in the second year of her Masters degree. She is examining developmental trajectories of ratings of inattention/hyperactivity/impulsivity and performance-based measures of executive function in a typically developing sample of children and youth.




Elizabeth Wanstall

Elizabeth is in the second year of her Masters degree. She is examining an updated version of the Unstructured Performance Task (UPT 2.0) in a sample of typically developing children.


Joshua Doidge

Josh Doidge photo

Josh is in the second year of his PhD. He is working on project related to the experience of effort in children with ADHD.




Jala Rizeq

Jala Rizeq

Jala is finishing the second year of the PhD program. She is examining superstitious thinking, anti-science attitudes, and conspiracy attitudes in relation to cognitive abilities and actively open-minded thinking in undergraduate and adolescent samples. Broadly, her research projects seek to better understand the multiple factors influencing child development, and to eventually ensure healthy and enriching environments for children and youth, ones that match their needs and invest in their potential.


Stella Dentakos


Stella is examining performance calibration for her dissertation research.

Wafa Saoud

Wafa SaoudWafa is examining performance calibration for her dissertation research. Her general research interests pertain to the interaction between cognitive processes and clinical disorders.